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timo Boll as the new european champion for the 5th time !


Today the german Timo Boll has won, for the 5th time the European Table Tennis Championship 2011 in Poland. It was an amazeing tournament, maybe because there were a lot of surprises like the serbian Aleksandar Karakasevic (nr. 50 in europe) and Bojan Tokic (nr. 18) place in semi-final, or maybe because of the final which was exactly the same as the year before ( Timo Boll 4:1 Ptrick Baum), or maybe because of the amazing Gdansk Arena.
The semi finals were pretty good although could be better ( Patrick Baum 4:0 Bojan Tokic, Timo boll 4:0 aleksandar karakasevic ). The women’s event was also pretty exciting with the polish Li Qian and the ukrainian Margaryta Pesotska qualification to the semi final. And the women’s final where Li Jiao (Netherlands) has won against the German Irene Ivancan by 4:3 in a long match. The atmosphere at the tournament was very nice, and the arena there was also extraordinary with the training hall at the top of it. So it was a great tournament and i have to say that Poland did a great job making it.

Christian Suss has withrew from the upcoming ETTC in Poland.

The German Christian Suss, because of an injury has withrew from the ETTC in Poland. Eight days before the ETTC Christian Suss told his desizion to the german national coach Jorg Rosskopf. After that Rosskopf said that Suss’s injury is more serious than it was expected. Christian Suss still doesn’t have an exact date of his comeback. Christian Suss said also he has had to take a break beacause of his knee, which has swalled up. However, his doctor said it’s normal, that his knee has swalled up and he should be fine just like before the injury soon. Because of Christian Suss’s withdrawal, the men’s national coach called Ruwen Filus to play in the team, and Zoltan Fejer-Konerth to take Suss’s place in the singles event

Alexey Liventsov has finished his propably best tournament ever


Yesterday the russian Alexey Liventsov who won against ma lin in the first round and with the korean Seo Hyun Deok in the second round of the harmony china open, has finished his tournament by losing with Dimitrij Ovtcharov in 5 sets.
The victory against the olympic champion Ma Lin was propably the best result Alexey Liventsov could ever had. “My movements were rather slow. I have been experiencing some pains in my wrist since the Super League. I wasn’t able to train my backhand and just used my forehand instead. So today, I did not dare used my backhand and I fought passively. My forehand also had some difficulties. ” Ma Lin said after the match with Alexey. After this match Ma Lin didn’t seem to be disappointed or angry he just went out and gave his time to his fans. “When I saw the draw, I felt so unlucky as I would face Ma Lin. Then I told myself,I got nothing to lose. To me, the victory was lke a dream come true. I am really proud of my performance today. I need to digest the fact that I actually won over the reigning Olympic champion here,” Liventsov said after the match againt Ma Lin. After a few hours the thenty nine years old Alexey Liventsov won againts the korean Seo Hyun Deok in the second roumd who is ranked nr. 25, but a day after he has lost against the german Dimitrij Ovtcharov.
Certainly it was a great tournament for the russian twenty nine years old Alexey Liventrovd.

What a shock… Wozniacka has lost against the 19 years old Christina McHale


In the second round of the cincinatti competition Caroline Wozniacki has lost with the youngest player in the first 100 Christine McHale. It was a 2 sets match (6:4, 7:5) with a lot of emotion and amazement from The American Christine McHale. Christine is only 19 years old and nr. 76 in the world ranking so it was definitely the best result she could ever imagine and a shock for Caroline. The American 19 years old player has never played against a player in the first four and today she has won with the nr. 1.
So yeah it’s definitely a sign For wozniacka to train more and for McHale that she can beat enyone she want to if she really believe in this and train hard.

That will be a big final


We finally know who will play In the final of the biggest tennis event. That will be a great match between The nr. 1 Rafael Nadal and the tennis legend Roger Federer. Federer has won the semi final against Novak Djokovic and at the same Time gave Djokovic the first lose match this year. Novak has won 43 matches in a row this year and become the 3rd player of the most victories in a row classification while Federer is 6th with 41. Go back to the semi final against Roger and Novak, Roger has won 3 to 1 in a great 4th set with a lot of aces and amazing points. In the second semi final Rafael Nadal beat Andy Murray in 3 sets and became the first finalist. In the womans competition the winner of the last French open Francesca Schiavone will play against the Chinese Na Li.

So who will win the final ?

Rafael Nadal is in the final

20110604-084307.jpgJust few minutes earlier the nr. 1 in the world Rafael Naal became the first finalist of the Roland Garros. Rafael Nadal has won against Andy murray in the semi final. It was a not easy 3 hours match for Nadal. Last year Rafa Lost against Robin Soderling in the final of the French open but Who will he play against in the final and will he win this tourament ? In the womans final Francesca Schiavone will play against Na Li after a fantastic match against Marion Bartoli in the semi final.