Liu Guoliang thinks Timo Boll is the biggest rival for the chinese in the WTTC

The Chinese national team coach Liu Guoliang and the rest of the Chinese team considers Timo Boll as the most dangerous player for them.

“Boll is the strongest player from Europe and possesses an incredible talent,” – Wang Hao said.

Timo Boll obviously is the biggest rival for the Chinese and still considering the biggest obstacle for anyones yourney in the upcoming WTTC.

The Chinese team is training very har for the upcoming WTTC in rotterdam whis starts on 8 of May. The chinese flew from china to Austria on 29 April and arrived at the same day.

“We arrived last night. We just got some information that we can already start our training this afternoon. This lunch, we will be looking for some Chinese cuisine in some local Chinese restaurants.” Liu Guoliang said.

The whole team will train in the Werner Schlager academy which is the most modern training hall for table tennis in Europe.

Last year in the world team table tennis championship in Moscow, Boll took the German national team to the final. It shows that Timo is a dangerous player for the Chinese as well as for the rest of the world.


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