timo Boll as the new european champion for the 5th time !


Today the german Timo Boll has won, for the 5th time the European Table Tennis Championship 2011 in Poland. It was an amazeing tournament, maybe because there were a lot of surprises like the serbian Aleksandar Karakasevic (nr. 50 in europe) and Bojan Tokic (nr. 18) place in semi-final, or maybe because of the final which was exactly the same as the year before ( Timo Boll 4:1 Ptrick Baum), or maybe because of the amazing Gdansk Arena.
The semi finals were pretty good although could be better ( Patrick Baum 4:0 Bojan Tokic, Timo boll 4:0 aleksandar karakasevic ). The women’s event was also pretty exciting with the polish Li Qian and the ukrainian Margaryta Pesotska qualification to the semi final. And the women’s final where Li Jiao (Netherlands) has won against the German Irene Ivancan by 4:3 in a long match. The atmosphere at the tournament was very nice, and the arena there was also extraordinary with the training hall at the top of it. So it was a great tournament and i have to say that Poland did a great job making it.


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