Borussia Dusseldorf has won Their third ECL tittle in a row


It was a fantastic final of the European champions league between the german team Borussia Dusseldorf and the russian Orenburg. In the first leg of this final the german team has won 3:0 giving Orenburg almost no chance to win the tittle. Both teams Have very good player like Timo Boll, Cristian Suss, Patrick Baum for the german Borussia Dusseldorf and Vladimir Samsonov, Alexei Smirnov and Dimitrij Ovtcharov for the russian Orenburg. The second leg of the final was a bit more exciting with wining against Suss by Samsonov in 5 sets (3-11, 11-9, 11-5, 8-11, 11-9).
The second match was between the European Star Timo Boll and the german hopes Dimitrij Ovtcharov. It was a great match, Ovtcharov was determinated to win this match but he didnt play as good to win against Boll and Lost 3:1. After Bolls victory the german team has already won this tittle, so the last two matches were played as exhibition games by the Smirnov win 3:2 to Patrick Baum and Samsonov win 3:0 to Timo Boll. Although Orenburg has won the second leg by 3 to 1 the german Borussia Dusseldorf became the best European team in the 2010/2011 season and has won Their third ECL tittle in a row.


Caroline Wozniacki revealed which team does she support in the ECL final


What team does Caroline Wozniacki support in ECL final ? The danish star Caroline Wozniacki has been playing tennis many times in a Liverpool T-shirt, but now she hope FC Barcelona will win the final. Wozniacki said she think That its hard to predict who will win the ECL final, but now she likes The Barcelona team. In the Next round of Roland Garros Wozniacki will play with the nr. 28 of the tournament Daniela Hantuchova after a great match with the canadian Wozniak.

Rafael Nadal almost Lost in the 1st round of Rolland Garros


The Spanish Star Rafael Nadal almost Lost with John Isner in the 1st round of the big Roland Garros. It was a match of the 1st round so it would be a tragedy for Nadal to lose so fast. Nadal has won in 5 sets (6:4, 6:7, 6:7, 6:2, 6:4). Before this match Isner said That he could be a problem for Nadal but no one believed in him. Although the crowd dont believed in John Isner, he didnt want to give up and almost won. After this match Nadal said That John played verry Well and he was a hard rival. Nadal said also That he wish him all the best in his future carrer. Also Robin Soderling had some problems in his match, but He won.

Are the new balls for Roland Garros really a good idea ?

As you probably know there are new balls, which are used for Roland Garros in Paris. Faster, slighter Than the previous but are They safe ? Andy Murray said That those balls arent That safe. He said also That he had played with it in London before Roland Garros and he think That it was better to play all the season with one type of ball. He thinks also That it can cause some pond, wrist and elbow injuries. Murray said That it has more sense to play all the season with the slazengers balls, because not only he but also other players prefers this mark of balls.

Is FC Barcelona going to Have a new player ?


Its not already sure, but most propably the Barcelona club is going to Have a new player.
Giuseppe Rossi is going to be transwerred by about 80 mln euros. If he goes to Barcelona, He will probably earn 80.000 euros per week. The only one problem is the fact That Barcelona doesnt Have enought money, so the only solution is That Barcelona will give Bojan Kirkić and about 25-28 mln euros to Villarreal. If it works Giuseppe Rossi will play in Barcelona for 4 years.

What a dramatic match

In a dramatic match Wang Hao who is the number one of the world ranking has won against the olympic champion from Athens 2004 Ryu Seung Min. That was a great match in the round of 16 in singles. Wang Hao is the first candidate for the first tittle in WTTC in Rotterdam. Ryu Seung Min almost won this match when he was winning 3:2, but in the 6th set he lost 11:3. Ryu lost also the last set and that was the end of this amazing match.

Chinese national team staying outsaid from Rotterdam during the WTTC 2011

Chinese team decided to go out from Rotterdam during the WTTC 2011. Why this crazy decision ? Chinese players want to feel as close to home as it is possible. They found a nice Chinese hotel which is between Rotterdam and Hague. The Chinese players don’t mind if they must travel a bit more every morning to Ahoy Venue in Rotterdam. So during the WTTC the Chinese must sit on a small bus together on a 40 min. mini journey every day. Unfortunately the Singaporen team is also stayng in the same hotel as the Chinese but wthout any personal transport. They must take a public transport which is not that easy, especially when you are unfamilier with the place.